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::: betway必威体育app官网Equipment introduction :::

Full-automatic Bear Cake Production Line

Equipment introduction :::
Jan 07, 2017 | Study, Research

Full automatic bear cake production line is developed by our factory,with more technologies.It is deeply welcomed by domestic and foreign customers. Full automatic bear cake production line,from material supply,material injection,baking,demoulding to cooling and packing,all processes are full automatic,save human cost.The design is resonable,run stably,good manufacturing material.

Full automatic bear cake production line ensure safe,reliable,healthy and effective production. With our full automatic bear biscuits production line,you can get good looking and tasty bear cakes.Bear cakes is one very popular leisure food. Main equipments:Oil sprayer、extruder、baking oven、demoulding、conveyor、filling machine、packing machine.

hg Production Line

Full-automatic Bear Cake

Produce food-必威体育中文app

> Apply to :::

    betway必威体育app官网Bear & Cake

    Center Filled

    betway必威体育app官网Bear & Cake

    Center Filled

    Bear & Cake

    Center Filled

    Bear & Cake

    Center Filled

Equipment parameters :::

Full-automatic Bear Cake Production Line

Diagram :::
  • 7×24h Uninterrupted Operation Stable
  • 49+ Special Inspection Professional
  • 365day Free Warranty Simple
  • Permanent Maintenance Don't worry

::: Certification institution :::-必威体育中文app

> HG machinery is strictly certified by the following institutions

betway必威体育app官网Our food making machines has passed a lot of the certifications identified by authoritative organization,such as BV、SGS、CE、ISO-9001and so on. In this condition, it will be great help for our customers to choose stable and efficient machines in the harsh purchasing circumstances

betway必威体育app官网How to order :::

Full-automatic Bear Cake Production Line

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  • 1.Contact us-必威体育中文app

    betway必威体育app官网Contact us by phone/ whatsApp / skype / viber / wechat / email, we will offer you the most suitable quotation

  • 2.Visit-必威体育中文app

    betway必威体育app官网Check our machines and equipment in our workshops, discuss details and specifications for the production line and customer’s project.We’re also able to arrange the visiting to domestic customer factory to check running line

  • 3.Drawings-必威体育中文app

    Engineers will design the particular production lines according to customer’s requirements and factory layout; make sure the line fits the workshop perfectly.

  • 4.Finalize contract-必威体育中文app

    Finalize details for price, payment, shipping time, and sign the contract.

  • 5.Producing-必威体育中文app

    Start the production immediately the first payment arrives, the sales follow up the production progress and keep customer updated.

  • 6.Inspection-必威体育中文app

    betway必威体育app官网Assemble the line in our workshop for customer inspection, then pack the whole line according to customer’s requirements.

  • 7.Shipment-必威体育中文app

    Load the well-packed machines into containers; arrange the shipment by long-cooperated shipping agent, ship to the final port as customer directed. Sales from HG will track the whole procedure, solve problem if there is any.

  • 8.Install-必威体育中文app

    Send engineers and technicians to customer’s factory, install the whole line, commission the running, make the sure the line is correctly assembled.

  • 9.Train-必威体育中文app

    betway必威体育app官网Engineers provide the recipe, according to local material condition and their experience. Technicians will also train the workers up until they learn well to operate the machines.

  • 10.After-sale service-必威体育中文app

    Anytime,any problem,our sales and engineers will try our best to help to solve it.You can contact us by phone/ whatsApp / skype / viber / wechat / email.Our engineers will also go to the customers factory anytime if necessary.

Bear Cake

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If you have any questions about our machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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